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In order to protect Hangzhou Municipal Project Group Co.,Ltd. hereinafter referred to as Hangzhou Municipal Project Group and its affiliates legitimate interests, the statements are as follows:

1. This site is the official website of Hangzhou Municipal Project Group, authoritative publishes related information of Hangzhou Municipal Project Group and its affiliates.
2. This site is owned by Hangzhou Municipal Project Group, no words, pictures, video/audio and other information materials from this site may be copied, reproduced, upload,download, transmitted, printed or published without written consent; no commercial link and use of all or part of pages and contents; distortion and modification of published contents by this site is prohibited.
3. Terms of Use
(1)Comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
(2)Shall not use this site to engage in illegal criminal activities, including secession, abetting crime, violation of computer security systems, interfere with or confusion network services that endanger national security or damage social and public interests.
(3)Not to use this site on the Internet for anything that might adversely affect the normal operation of the internet.
(4)No infringe upon Hangzhou Municipal Project Group or its affiliates or any other third partys patent, copyright, trademark and other intellectual property rights, and other legitimate rights and interests, or engage in damage to the interests of Hangzhou Municipal Project Group.
4. The information reproduced on this website has done its utmost to obtain permission to use the copyright owner and, if missed, please contact this website. If reproduced in this website article, data are expressed or implied views, does not represent Hangzhou Municipal Project Group.
5. Any loss due to individual or organization to conduct transactions depend on contents from this website, the copyright holder does not bear any responsibility.
6. Modification and update right of the Website Statement belong to Hangzhou Municipal Project Group. Hangzhou Municipal Project Group reserves the right to modify, add, delete, cancel, pause, halt or terminate the service(all or part of) of this site.

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